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Understanding Embroidered Uniforms

If you’ve ever wondered about the logos on work uniforms, you’ve likely encountered the art of embroidery. In this straightforward guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about embroidered uniforms – from the process to suitability and placement.

Embroidered Logo Essentials
An embroidered logo involves stitching a company’s emblem into the fabric of uniforms.
 This durable method is commonly used on various garments like Polos, Jackets,
 Business Shirts, Pants, Hats, and Caps.

Getting Your Logo Embroidered
To kickstart the embroidery process, provide your logo in a vector format for digitization.
 The digitized logo is converted into a special file readable by embroidery machines. This involves color matching and optional custom dyeing for a perfect Pantone match.
 Artwork proofs and embroidered swatch samples are provided for approval before production. The actual embroidery involves marking, framing, and stitching, overseen by operators ensuring top-notch quality.

What Can Be Embroidered?
 Embroidering your logo is ideal for garments expected to endure washing and prolonged use. While most garments can be embroidered, some may need deconstruction, like removing the lining of a jacket.
 Considerations include the fabric type and potential impact on waterproof garments.
 Beyond uniforms, items like bags and hats can also be embroidered.